Azure Data Catalog

Azure Data Catalog

Now available in public preview is the Azure Data Catalog.  The Data catalog provides an enterprise data repository to enable end users self service data discovery.  The data catalog assists IT and business users by allowing a collaborative solution to publish documented data sets.

Users can access the data...Read More »

SQL Server 2016 Stretch Database

SQL Server 2016 Stretch Database

One of the features in SQL Server 2016 that you will want to explore is the ability to store your historical data in the Azure cloud.  By leveraging the Stretch Database feature your applications can silently migrate data to the cloud without having to change your...Read More »

Azure Data Factory

What is the Azure Data Factory?

The Azure Data Factory is a managed service for data storage and processing.  It allows you to build cloud based solutions to move and store your data in a centralized managed environment.  Source data can be pulled from on premise or cloud environments consisting of...Read More »

Azure SQL Server Database

Azure Portal Homepage

SQL Server in Azure

You can create and leverage cloud based SQL Server instances using Microsoft Azure.  However, if you have never used the Azure portal it can be a bit challenging to get started.  This post will show you how the steps required to create an Azure SQL Server database.

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Azure HDInsight - Hadoop in the Cloud

Azure HDInsight Overview

HDInsight is a cloud based implementation hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud. It enables you to quickly create, expand and delete a Hadoop cluster installation as your project dictates. For organizations just beginning to see how Big Data could be leveraged to solve business problems. A HDInsight implementation...Read More »