BIG Data

Azure HDInsight - Hadoop in the Cloud

Azure HDInsight Overview

HDInsight is a cloud based implementation hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud. It enables you to quickly create, expand and delete a Hadoop cluster installation as your project dictates. For organizations just beginning to see how Big Data could be leveraged to solve business problems. A HDInsight implementation...Read More »

Languages of Big Data Apache Hadoop

Languages of Big Data

Big Data is here and rapidly growing.  If you are just starting to learn about Big Data then it is important for you to understand all of the various pieces that can be used in Big Data architectures.  The Apache foundation is a major player in the...Read More »

What is MongoDB?

How does MongoDB Store Data?

What is MongoDB?  MongoDB is a document oriented database.  This means it stores its data in fields within a document.  Each document can contain a different number of fields making the database highly flexible.  You do not have to predefine each column for data that you...Read More »

Hortonworks Data Platform 2.1 New Features

What is Hortonworks Data Platform

Hortonworks recently announced their release of the HDP 2.1 their Hadoop Big Data platform.  If you have not tried it yet and are interested in how to get started with Big Data.  Now is the time learn Hadoop.

In this release there are...Read More »

Amazon Redshift Cloud Data Warehouse

If you are looking for a cloud based solution for data warehousing then Amazon’s Redshift may be for you.  Redshift is a high performing database designed for gigabytes and petabytes of data.  Since it is part of the Amazon Elastic Cloud it easily scales out for performance and offers on-demand...Read More »

Hortonworks Sandbox 1.3 - Hadoop

For those looking to learn Hadoop, the easiest method I found for experimenting is the Hortonworks Sandbox.  It is an all in one Virtual Machine that you can use to learn Hadoop instead of spending your time on trying to install and configure a Hadoop cluster.

I installed the VM on...Read More »