SQL Server Table Partition Example

Table Partition SQL Server

Why Use a SQL Server Table Partition

Data warehouses and data repositories often have tables that store millions of records and each day adding thousands more.  As the data ages, the older records generally require fewer updates.  If all of these records are kept in a single physical table.  Queries and...Read More »

SQL Pass Summit 2014

Next week I will be in Seattle for the 2014 SQL Pass Summit event.  If you are involved in projects that leverage the Microsoft SQL Server stack this is a great conference to attend. If this is your first time going and would like some tips on making the most...Read More »




SQL Server has several ways for you to limit the number of records returned from a query.  For example, the AdventureWorks [sales].[salesorderdetail] table has 121,317 rows loaded in sequential order starting with SalesOrderDetailID 1.  By Using a top 1000 clause I can limit the results to...Read More »

SQL Server Checksum

SQL Server Checksum

Use SQL Server Checksum in Data Warehousing

When building data warehouses you...Read More »

SQL Server 2014 Cardinality Estimator

SQL Server 2014 Cardinality Estimator


ETL Process

Reporting databases need to consolidate data from across many applications within an organization.  In order to successfully pull data from source applications and make it into usable data for reporting and analytics.  There are two paths that most Business Intelligence strategies can leverage, ETL or ELT.

Extract Transform and Load...Read More »

SharePoint 2013 External Data Connections

SharePoint 2013 External Data Connections

SharePoint 2013 External Data Connections

SharePoint 2013 External Data Connections  are part of the Business Connectivity Services (BCS)  that can be leveraged to perform CRUD operations on data stored outside of SharePoint such as SQL Server or other databases.  This means that if you have users that need to insert, update...Read More »

When Good BI Goes Bad - Data Quality

Regardless of the Technology BI is about Data

Many BI projects are sold as a technology solution.  Vendors come in a wow executives with new features, visualizations, and dashboards.  Along with the software they offer simple and fast implementation that can “connect to all of your data and produce fantastic reports”. ...Read More »

SQL Server Data Encryption Options

SQL Server Data Encryption Types

Businesses today have a greater need than ever to protect their data from security breaches.  Data stored in databases are a prime target for hackers since it contains data that is normalized and contained in a central location.  Once a hacker accesses a database all of...Read More »

(SSAS) SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular Basics

SSAS Tabular Model Project

What is (SSAS) SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular Mode?

SQL Server 2012 ships Analysis Services that can be installed in the traditional OLAP engine or in the Tabular engine mode.  Tabular mode is an in-memory database that compresses and queries the data with great performance.  In most cases, you may find...Read More »

Application Data Asset Library

Application Data Asset Library Base

The Journey to an Application Data Asset Library

Often times IT requirements are handed over to business users to review and are expected to understand what is provided.  The only problem is most business users do not know how to interpret the graphics and associated acronyms and arrows show data flows....Read More »

SQL Server Data Compression

SQL Server Data Compression Overview

I have been reviewing the options for data compression in SQL Server and believe it can be a great value to Reporting and Business Intelligence databases.  By their nature BI databases typically store more data than any other database in your environment.  Even with the cost...Read More »

Gathering Business Intelligence Requirements

Questions to Ask when Gathering Business Intelligence Requirements

When starting any project requirements are the key to being successful.  Business intelligence projects are no different and even harder to document.  It is critical to gather the appropriate requirements to deliver the project being requested to provide the business value being sought. ...Read More »

SQL Server Index Performance for BI Databases

SQL Server Index Performance Tips for Business Intelligence

If you are new to Reporting Databases you need to be aware that they indexing needs are different from OLTP database operations.  While you will still have clustered and nonclustered indexes how you utilize them will be different with Reporting systems.

Having a lot...Read More »

R - Statistical Software

What is R

If you keep seeing R software mentioned and have never used it.  I recommend downloading and installing it to see how it works and what you can do with the software.  I used it for my Data Mining class from the University of Louisville.  It is a great...Read More »

PowerPivot Excel 2013 Features

PowerPivot ribbon

PowerPivot Excel 2013 offers the add-in of PowerPivot for self service Business Intelligence.  To access these features you must activate the Power Pivot add-in.

  • Filter data when importing.
  • Rename tables and columns as you import data in PowerPivot.
  • Manage the model and create relationships using drag and drop in the Diagram View.
  • Apply...Read More »

Value of Business Intelligence

Regardless of the technology that you choose and there are more and more being developed each year. Asking for money to start or extend a Business Intelligence project is not about the technology. It is about the value that data can deliver to the business. Data laying in a database...Read More »

Retail BI Example - Target Corporation

Not everyone has heard or read this story so I thought I would share it here.  Target was able to determine that a young lady was pregnant before her family was aware.  A link to the complete story is here.

The interesting part from a BI perspective is...Read More »

What is Business Intelligence?

I have been involved in Business Intelligence for over 15 years.  I have seen first hand the difference between just a Business Intelligence project and one that actually delivers value.  The reason for a business to invest time and money into a BI project is to get better information than...Read More »

Microsoft Windows Azure Overview

I have been using the Azure infrastructure for a few months now.  My overall experiences have been great.  I can now create a virtual machine and entire network infrastructure in the cloud and access it from anywhere.  No longer do I need a test server at home taking up space...Read More »