How to create a Columnstore Index

Each table can have only 1 columnstore index, data from the index is stored in memory in the xVelocity engine.  Once a columnstore index has been created on a table you cannot update the table.  Microsoft recommends you take the following actions to update the data in a table containing a columnstore index. Drop the … [Read more…]

Value of Business Intelligence

Regardless of the technology that you choose and there are more and more being developed each year. Asking for money to start or extend a Business Intelligence project is not about the technology. It is about the value that data can deliver to the business. Data laying in a database does not provide value. To … [Read more…]

Data Mining in SQL Server 2012 (SSAS)

Data Mining SQL Server 2012 Included in your purchase of Microsoft’s SQL Server 2012 is the ability to perform data mining techniques.  This feature comes as part of Analysis Services via the Data Mining model. There are 9 total algorithms included broken into 5 types within SQL Server.  The types of Data Mining are: Classification … [Read more…]

SQL Server 2012 – Columnstore Indexes

If you have a large reporting data and have not explored the new Columnstore Indexes.  Take some time to review what you are missing.  Unlike regular database indexes (rowstore format) that index tables based on the data tied to a row.  Columnstore indexes compress the data within a column to quickly index common fields such … [Read more…]

Amazon Redshift Cloud Data Warehouse

If you are looking for a cloud based solution for data warehousing then Amazon’s Redshift may be for you.  Redshift is a high performing database designed for gigabytes and petabytes of data.  Since it is part of the Amazon Elastic Cloud it easily scales out for performance and offers on-demand pricing. The immediate benefit of … [Read more…]

Hortonworks Sandbox 1.3 – Hadoop

For those looking to learn Hadoop, the easiest method I found for experimenting is the Hortonworks Sandbox.  It is an all in one Virtual Machine that you can use to learn Hadoop instead of spending your time on trying to install and configure a Hadoop cluster. I installed the VM on a 64 bit laptop … [Read more…]

SQL Server 2012 Feature Backup to URL

SQL Server Backup to URL A new feature to SQL Server 2012 (requires SP1 CU2) is the backup to URL functionality.  This feature allows you the option to backup your SQL Server database directly to the Windows Azure service.  This adds value to an infrastructure by decreasing on-site hosted storage, increasing your options for Disaster … [Read more…]